Spinal Stabilization

The Importance of Spinal Stabilization

Written by Brad Young, RPT. Licensed Physical Therapist

Spinal stabilization and proper body/spinal mechanics are important for everyone. These elements help you maintain a good posture, whether you are sitting or standing. Spinal stability ensures the muscles in your spine are working in the right way to properly support and stabilize the spine.

Spinal stabilization is important if you suffer from chronic neck and back pain, whether it is acute or chronic, and if you want to remain pain-free. When a person moves with proper spinal stabilization and good body/spinal mechanics, the spine is protected.

The least amount of damaging forces are carried through the spinal structures, such as discs, ligamentous structures, and joints. Unfortunately, a large majority of adults unknowingly move with poor body/spinal mechanics and stability. Left untreated, the movements cause rapid wear and tear of the spinal structures.

After an auto accident, there is a greater importance in maintaining body/spinal mechanics and spinal stability. Without it, the healing process will take longer or be ineffective. If you sustain any spinal related injuries during a car accident, such as an injury to a disc joint or ligamentous structure, these injuries are prone to degenerate at a rapid pace. Moving with poor body/spinal mechanics and spinal stability will also increase the degeneration rate. Any spinal auto accident injuries require maintaining good body/spinal mechanics and stability to protect the injured areas.

If you are unsure of how to maintain the body/spinal mechanics and stability, speak to a licensed physician. Your physician will come up with a specialized treatment plan to better suit your needs.

Seeking medical attention immediately after an auto accident will also help pinpoint any spinal related injuries quickly. The sooner proper body/spinal mechanics and stability is infused into the treatment plan, the smoother the road to recovery will be.

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