How to Support a Friend After a Car Accident

Should You See a Physical Therapist After a Car Accident?

There are few things as scary as getting into a car accident. Potential injuries, property damage and insurance deductibles, are just a few things that can make the entire experience that much worse. One question that often arises in the aftermath, is whether or not you should see a physical therapist after a car accident.

Physical therapy can treat invisible injuries

After a car accident, it may take several hours, or even days, for many symptoms of certain injuries to appear. A few examples include headaches, numbness, lightheadedness, whiplash and general discomfort. Whiplash alone, when it is left untreated, can lead to chronic neck pain, upper back and shoulder pain, numbness, and headaches.

Two more “invisible injuries” are scar tissue, and micro-tears on the muscles inside the body. While you can’t see this on the outside, these internal micro-tears and scars can result in your body becoming stiff and uncomfortable. These issues aren’t just invisible, they often aren’t even detected by an X-ray.

After a car accident doctor diagnoses your injuries, a physical therapist can use special techniques such as massage and ultrasound therapy to release a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces your pain while reducing internal inflammation.

Physical therapy restores range of motion

Restoring mobility is one of the primary goals of physical therapy. Whiplash and orthopedic injuries can have lasting effects on mobility if not properly treated. A physical therapist can help you restore mobility with less risk of re-injury from over-exerting.

Physical therapy is non-invasive.

Although some injuries demand surgery, some can be treated without invasive procedures. A physical therapist can work with your doctor to help treat injuries that don’t require surgery and help any injuries that do require surgery recover faster and with less discomfort.

Don’t wait to seek medical care after a car accident.

Florida PIP insurance requires that the injured person seeks medical help within 14 days of the accident. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, seek medical attention from an experienced auto accident doctor right away to evaluate your injuries and determine a recovery plan.

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