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Does Car Insurance Go Up if You See a Doctor After an Accident?

A car accident is a stressful thing for anyone to experience, but for some, fears loom large about an insurance premium rate hike if the accident is reported. However, it’s important to keep in mind that insurance plans vary, many include accident forgiveness, and it’s vital to treat any injuries promptly to prevent further pain (and money woes) down the line.

Car Accident Insurance Plans Can Vary

Individual insurance plans come in all shapes and sizes. While some penalize a driver after an accident, some insurance policies have accident forgiveness, particularly if it’s your very first accident. It’s a good idea to check with your insurance company before the need arises (that is, before you experience a car accident) to find out the details on whether your insurance premiums will change in such an event. Your insurance agent is ready and willing to answer your questions, so give them a call to get the details on your car accident insurance policy.

Florida is a No-Fault State

Florida is a “no fault state,” which impacts how your doctor bills your insurance, and relative to that, how your insurance covers your medical bills. All Florida vehicle owners must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) along with their traditional car insurance. This permits anyone involved in a vehicle accident to seek medical care on their own insurance policy without the hassle of waiting to for a police report to decide which party is at fault.

You don’t have to wait a week or more to find out whose medical insurance will pay for your visit — you simply visit your doctor (within two weeks of the accident date) for a thorough examination and a personalized treatment plan. Your doctor bills your PIP insurance policy and that’s less stress for you to deal with as you heal your injuries.

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Risks of Skipping a Doctor Visit

It can be tempting to keep your car accident to yourself in order to keep your accident insurance policy premiums from going up. However, this is a bad idea for a few reasons. For starters, your insurance company may have first-accident forgiveness.

More important, ignoring your injuries could cost you more in the long run. A thorough examination by a doctor who is well versed in car accident injuries will not only help you feel better sooner but can help keep the problem(s) from getting worse over time. Untreated injuries can ultimately cost you good health, the ability to work and money; especially if you have to seek treatment at a later date that’s beyond the two-week requirement mandated by your PIP policy.

Get Help Now

If you’ve experienced a car accident, don’t let insurance premium rate fears get in the way of seeking treatment and using your PIP policy. Over time, this can save you money in the long run — and good health as well.

How to Find an Auto Accident Doctor

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