Car Maintenance

How Regular Car Maintenance Can Make Your Car Safer

Car maintenance is necessary for the health of your car. But, in addition to keeping your car running well, it also keeps your vehicle safer. While you can’t always do car maintenance by yourself, there are a number of really easy ways to keep an eye on various systems in your car to note when it needs more attention.

Inspect Your Tires

Tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle, as they are the only parts that touch the road. If they’re not in good shape, it can lead to serious accidents, vehicle damage, and personal injury.

One aspect that is easy to do yourself is to check the tire pressure. Most experts recommend checking your vehicle’s tire pressure once a month with an inexpensive handheld tire pressure gauge. Your vehicle care manual will list recommended pressures, and keeping them steady will lower your chances of a blowout, accident, and injury. It also gives you better gas mileage — win, win!

Also, keep an eye on your tires’ treads. Once the tread becomes worn down, it can also be a risk factor in car accidents. There are a few ways to check it yourself. Use a penny, head down, and if you can see Lincoln’s whole head, it’s time to replace. You can also check the tread wear indicator — once it’s flush with the tread, it’s time to replace.

Pay Attention to Warning Lights

Dashboard warning lights aren’t always a big deal (if your seatbelt light is on, you just have to buckle up, and if the low fuel indicator is blinking, it’s time to get some gas) but there are a few that mean you probably need to get your vehicle looked at. The battery indicator means you need to get it into the shop, as it may mean your battery or alternator is having issues. Same with the oil pressure warning — don’t ignore this. The check engine light may also indicate a problem or malfunction, so it is important to get that checked out as well.

Regular car maintenance can mean simply paying attention to what your vehicle is trying to tell you.

Inspect Those Wipers

Windshield wipers are crucial. They don’t help your car run better, but they certainly help you stay safer — if you can’t see clearly out your windshield, you’re putting yourself and others at great risk. Don’t wait for a massive rain storm to pop up before you inspect your wiper blades, which is a pretty easy way to engage in regular car maintenance.  

Check Those Lights

Headlights and brake lights should be working properly at all times. If even only one burns out and you’re not aware, it can cause problems as your vehicle will no longer be as visible as it should be… Don’t wait for a police officer to pull you over with a brake light out — check to make sure they’re working every now and then.

These are a few, easy ways to keep your car safer on the road. This type of simple, regular car maintenance is important because it not only keeps your car in tip top shape, but it can help you — and everyone else on the road — stay safe.

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